Who are we?

We are SELECT VFX STUDIO for post-production works in visual effects for Films, Episodes, Ads/Commercials, Gaming videos, TV Shows, and more.

We believe that amazing results come from a combination of Creative Artists, Leads, and Supervisors with proper planning and execution by meeting the international quality standards.

We offer Best In Class services to meet any requirements in Visual Effects including Rotoscopy, Paint & Prep, Match Move, and Compositing.

It is owned and run by craftspeople based on the three core values that guide everything we do: People, Clients, and Society.

Our goal is to ensure that we “SELECT VFX STUDIO” meet all international quality standards, meet the deadline within the client's budget, and meet our immediate and end client success in all projects.

From the Founder

We are here today because of the constant support from our clients who trust us with the works that we have delivered in the past where we have nurtured a seed into a fruitful tree.

With the support of our dedicated and experienced VFX crew members, we have started the New Venture “SELECT VFX STUDIO” which will be driven by our people for our client’s success.

We as a Family ensure that our Clients, Employees, and their Family are Successful. We provide equal opportunities without any gender bias and race.

We support our team with a balanced work environment. We Empower Women and respect them for their Vision to Lead.

Let us collectively serve, support, and pave the way for a better future.


A creative visual effects company to make your 'impossible' vision 'possible'.

Creating visuals that stick to your eyes and stay in your hearts.

We craft innovative and complex sequences using the current technology to give you a seamless experience.

Services we are best at

  • Feature Films
  • Commercials
  • Episodes
  • TV Shows
  • Video Gaming

With rich experience in this field, we have successfully delivered many VFX projects to clients across the US, Canada, UK, Europe, and Asia and we maintain a substantial list of ongoing projects.

With a production office in India, we can work on your project no matter where you are in the world.

Contact us: Business@selectvfx.studio

Charles Jeyakumar