To meet the demands of the fast-growing VFX industry, studios must be able to adapt and innovate quickly. However, most enterprise infrastructure stacks are complex, typically taking years to build and requiring a lot of custom and proprietary software. This stack requires a dedicated team to maintain. Upgrades can take months and often involve risk. Select VFX studio is one of the VFX companies in India in maintaining a secured infrastructure.

Film and TV production continues to evolve, incorporating more realistic animation and 3D effects to enhance the viewer experience. As you can imagine, the growth and development of VFX and animation will naturally change the needs of the underlying technical infrastructure. Select VFX studio is the animation studio in India. We’re tpn approved studio.


The human element can often be the weakest link in an organization's security strategy. The relentless pace of intrusion attempts means that even a brief and seemingly minor breach of the security perimeter can cause significant damage. Select VFX studio supports our clients with the latest technology and secured infrastructure.

And since new types of threats can emerge at any time or disasters can have a greater impact than expected, a solid and frequent backup strategy provides an important safety net for business continuity. Select VFX studio is one of the top VFX studios in India protecting the confidentiality of clients.