Indian cinema may be a bit late to catch up with global CGI and VFX, but many famous Hollywood studios are choosing Indian companies for their visual effects work. India has some of the top VFX companies. Select VFX is one of the best VFX companies in Chennai.

Select VFX studio is a Chennai-based VFX studio that provides excellent VFX service without compromising on quality, speed of delivery, and meeting client budgets. We provide our clients with the latest technology and secured infrastructure. We’re one of the top animation studios in India.


We’re the Best VFX studios in India. Our VFX services include Rotoscopy, Paint & Prep, Match Move, and Compositing. And we’re best at providing the following services:

  • Feature films
  • Commercials
  • Episodes
  • TV Shows
  • Video Gaming

We have high experience in this field and have constantly been delivering our VFX projects to our clients on time. We work with US, UK, Canada, Europe, and Asia clients.

We, Select VFX studio always use the latest and most advanced technologies to deliver first-class ideas that exceed your expectations. We’re one of the best visual effects companies in Chennai. With our new technology, you can be assisted with all marketing and communication services.

Select VFX is TPN certified studio and has completed the annual Trusted Partner Network assessment process. Undoubtedly, Select VFX studio is one of India's best VFX outsourcing companies.